I design and deliver tailor made creative consultation sessions for large groups and conferences, as well as small groups and individuals. My sessions enable participants to think around an experience or question, overcoming boundaries of language and culture in order to fully explore their multi-sided responses. As a result my sessions gain a rich deep wealth of material demonstrating participants experiences and opinions around a specific question.

consultation strip

Gaining feed back from people, is well recognised as being an essential part of proving the worth of what you have done, or the need for what you are planning to do. It is also essential to the on going development of services to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of those they are intended to serve.

Forms, questionnaires, interviews and web surveys are really useful ways of gaining a lot of data, however the information that they gain often lacks depth, and the formats themselves can mean that many vulnerable groups do not engage in them.

People who: have English as a second language, have poor literacy, have no access to or skills in IT, have had a particularly traumatic experience or have a mistrust of authority are often under represented in paper and web based feedback.

Fundamental to my consultations is the creation of a safe environment without hierarchy, where participants can actively contribute and feel valued. I use a variety of techniques that facilitate people to think in new ways and contribute their thoughts in depth, including; games, exercises similar to those used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the creation of artwork.

My sessions are tailored in such a way that they gain a large amount of qualitative feed back, which organisations find help them understand personal experiences of their work. I also work closely with commissioners prior to a consultation to agree the specific questions they want to gain quantitative feed back on.

Typically following a consultation I will produce a report that provides an over view of the work carried out, the extracted quantitative data gained, edited qualitative data, images and text snap shots that can form useful content in reports and presentations.

Some examples of previous commissions

Health Care Commissions annual conference. Public involvement.

Shipley Healthy Living Centre. Consultation of healthcare staff and service users.

Bradford Council. How local services meet the needs of specific communities.

Calderdale LINKS. Where specific communities feel problems exist with services.

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