Kinkry Pigs

About our Pigsthumb_IMG_5360_1024
Our pigs are raised outdoors in our young woodland where they roam amongst the trees, grass and mud. They love rooting in the ground searching for food and help remove the weeds, turn and fertilise the soil.
We raise Tamworth pigs, a hardy pig with a ginger hairy skin, suited to a northerly climate. They’re a breed that’s close in origin to European wild boar.
They are a rare breed of pig which almost went extinct as farmers concentrated on rearing fast growing pigs.

The Meat
Tamworth’s are slower growing than most commercial breeds of pig, this means they build up intramuscular fat which marbles the meat and produces more flavour.
Our pigs are butchered by Jimmy Mulholland, family butcher based in Great Orton, Cumbria, with a passion for locally reared and hand prepared meat.
The pigs are butchered into the following selection of cuts.

thumb_IMG_5358_1024Leg – boned and rolled and jointed.
Loin – 1/2 boned and rolled loin joint, 1/2 chops.
Shoulder – 1/2 boned and rolled joints, 1/2 shoulder on the bone, or sausages.
Belly – Off the bone in joints, or sausages.
Sausages with trim.

The shoulder and belly may be better as joints or sausages depending on the fat content which we won’t know until the butcher gets the pig.
Please tell us if you want large or small joints.
We sell our pigs by the full or half pig
Full pig £260
Half pig £135
A full pig should produce around 40kg of butchered meat but there’s no way to determine exactly how much meat will be produced until after it’s been butchered. If our pigs produce less than 40kg then you won’t loose out! You’ll get your meat at either the prices above or priced at £7/kg whichever works out cheaper for you!

If a half pig is a bit much for you, then let us know and we’ll try and partner you up with someone else wanting a quarter pig. We’ll put you in touch with each other and you can work out the split between you.
The above prices are for meat collected by you from the butcher when the meat is ready (collections will be on a Friday or Saturday). Our butcher is Jimmy Mulholland at Great Orton, Cumbria.

This years boys will be going to slaughter early in October, and have already sold.

Maybe we should start a waiting list for next year, so we know how many pigs to rear!

If you are interested please contact